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The average system installed in the Valley costs $40,000 and adds $32,000 to the value of a property. A miss-sized or wrongly financed system can detract from the value or even leave the home owner with an expensive buyout of the lease in order to get their property sold. Properly financed, a system can generate power at less than 10c per kWh. With the wrong finance program and you could be better off staying with the utility.

There are many horror stories about unethical contractors gouging unsuspecting home owners. I am an independent Professional Energy engineer, Certified Energy Auditor and Certified Solar Professional. I will assist you in making an informed decision which is best for you. I am on your side in these shark infested waters!


1.Solar system audit – for realtors, prospective home owners, sellers

  • A detailed analysis of what the system is worth to a buyer and what the issues are for the seller
  • A site visit to perform an analysis of the equipment and installation
  • Analysis of the residual electricity bill in order to value the benefits of the system
  • Analysis of any financing mechanism which the buyer may need to take on
  • An estimate of the value the system adds to the property
  • For an additional fee, I will attend an open house to answer any solar questions from potential buyers.

2.Turnkey Solar project

  • A detailed analysis of your home’s energy efficiency, your usage and the available finance options for you
  • A site visit to perform an energy audit. Why pay for a system to offset wasted energy?
  • Design of the solar system to meet your short term and long term needs
  • Manage a bidding process to achieve the right balance between price, construction timescales, after sales support and contractor quality
  • Advice in selecting the best finance option for your short and long term needs. I am not a CPA or financial adviser.
  • Project management on your behalf to ensure the system is built to the right quality in a timely manner

Why me?

I hold a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Surrey UK and am a Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology in the UK. I am able to practice as a professional electrical engineer in the UK and within the EU.

I have passed the NABCEP solar introduction certification, HERS rating exams and certified by the Everblue Institute as a home energy auditor.

I have designed over 90 solar systems in the past 3 years.

Certified in Sunrun, Hero and Ygrene finance products. Experienced in analyzing popular finance mechanisms for a system e.g. leases; power purchase agreement; Property assessed clean energy funded finance.

Contact - Ian MacKinnon  760 880 1169 Ian.MacKinnon@eEnergySmart.com

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