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Solar is now cost effective for the domestic customer!

Grants from local and federal government offset the initial cost and give typical payback periods of less than 7 years. Utilities have been dragged screaming into supporting domestic solar installations. The integration of your system with your utility has been proved by many successful installations in the Coachella Valley.

The price of the equipment has dropped dramatically over the last 2 years and the reliability has increased enormously. Warranties on equipment are typically 25 years. BUT, prices are going up as people panic about the 30% federal tax credit going at the end of 2016. Note: to qualify for the tax credit the system needs to be installed by the middle of the year to allow for final inspection and the utility giving permission to operate. Currently this process can take 2 months...with the rush next year then allow 6 months. After all, the utilities won't be increasing staff to help you go solar will they?

Finally, there are many financial options available to get you "into solar". Some are good, others are almost illegal! We can help you select the financing option which is best for you.

We are independent solar sales professionals and will work with you to design a system which meets your requirements and is economically financed. We will help you select the most cost effective installer and will project manage the installation to ensure we deliver what we promised.

Why choose an independent solar sales professional?

This is a new industry with few large established organizations with a long track record of success. Cowboy companies are being formed by an electrical contractors merging with a general contractor, reading a book on solar installation and calling themselves solar professionals….it just isn’t this easy! I've seen trucks claiming "Pool construction and solar" and the best yet "Gutter cleaning and solar".

We will design the system and then work with you to find the best value for money and most professional installer to install your system. We will project manage the installation and commissioning to ensure the contractor delivers what has been designed and what you have ordered.

You could of course shop around and get quotes from the many solar companies in the Valley but, have you the time to really research the issues involved in comparing one company and their product with another. For instance, one solar panel is not the same as another. Some give lower output per panel at the standard test condition temperature of 25c(77F) but are less affected by the high summer temperatures we get in the Valley. Incidentally, every sales person you meet will be convinced their product offers you the best solution but they can't all be 'best' can they?

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