Audit report for realtors

Solar audit report


The average system installed in the Valley adds $32,000 to the value of a property. A miss-sized or wrongly financed system can detract from the value or even leave the home owner with an expensive buyout of the lease in order to get their property sold.

What do I offer?

  • A detailed analysis of what the system is worth to a buyer and what the issues are for the seller
  • A site visit to perform an analysis of the equipment and installation
  • Analysis of the residual electricity bill in order to value the benefits of the system
  • Analysis of any financing mechanism which the buyer may need to take on
  • An estimate of the value the system adds to the property
  • For an additional fee, I will attend an open house to answer any solar questions from potential buyers.

What  I cover?

  • Description of the system components: their age, potential reliability etc.
  • Warranties etc. still applying
  • Potential construction issues
  • Financing and the return on investment of the system

Why me?

  • Experienced and certified solar professional, energy auditor and electrical engineer
  • Certified in Sunrun, Hero and Ygrene finance products. Experienced in analyzing popular finance mechanisms used e.g. leases; power purchase agreements; Property Assessed Clean Energy funded finance.

Contact - Ian MacKinnon  760 880 1169 for pricing and more info

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