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Simply Saving Energy

There are two ways to reduce your electric bill:

  • use less power
  • use cheaper power

At eEnergySmart we provide two services to help you reduce your electric bill.

The first is a whole home energy Audit. In this service we analyze your electric bill and suggest ways to save energy or use energy smarter. Savings of upto 30% on your electric bill can be made with typical savings of over $500 per year.

The second is to recognize how blessed we are to be living in the Coachella Valley and at this time in the USA. The Coachella Valley is one of the most ideal locations for a domestic solar energy system since we have one of the highest solar irradiance factors anywhere in the USA. Timing is everything: The cost of Solar Energy has reduced dramatically over the last 2 years, the reliability has increased enormously and the Feds and the State are very supportive of Solar Energy initiatives with substantial grants. Even SCE (Southern California Edison is supportive!)

However, Solar Energy is a young industry and professional industry standards are not well adopted. This is where we come in. As independent professional Solar consultants we can design a solar energy system to meet your requirements and then manage a bidding process to solicit the most financially favorable and professional company to perform the work. We are not just selecting the cheapest but the best company to meet your requirements both on installation and for support through the next 20 years of the life of the system.

Contact Ian on his mobile 443 852 6100 to make an appointment to start reducing your electric bill and to feel good about your legacy to future generations!